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There are two ways to go around the hardship of moving on, suck it up or cry like a GAD patient over it... endlessly. I'm no connoisseur of love, but my perceptions all go by a keen empirical approach, thus authentic. *winks* Everyone has a tendency to fall for another. To look for a partner (in my own opinion) should be a guy's thing. Women are to wait, treasures to be discovered. Consider yourself royalty as a lady and be worked hard for.

All guys, you think they’re the same? Whatever. Some women (or maybe even a massive populace of the XX chromosomes) are just good at picking the same candy in a box of chocolates. To get to know how girls should be while they’re at a hot age, watch DD Girls and at the same time, learn from them how it is to be a man and get to know the perspective of a girl.

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They're all sweet, I get it, but do consider the variations and what makes each unique. Or, you know, the same. I'm not saying it's bad for women to fall for dudes; I just think it's better to dawdle till dudes fall for them. Otherwise, you'll end up with a rendition of the "cloud nine to all guys are the same shit phenomenon" over and over again.

But why am I talking to you like I’m talking a girl? Simple. It’s the only way for you to realize how much they must be hurting with you playing them. So basically, DD Girls, by Digital Desire, is a porn site for you to see how it really goes for every girl in the context of being happy having sex with the man she loves. Sounds cheesy, but that’s true.

You know how girls are when they’re happy? When they’re alone with the men of their lives, they’re wild and out. They don’t care if they seem reserved to a lot of people and it’s because they’re exclusive and loyal. That’s how it should be bro and DD Girls have more than 1,100 videos for you to realize that. Each video runs for about 28 minutes on average, but there are also full movies you can tap into.

ou can also download the videos and there’s a limit of 10 to 15 vids a day depending on the size of the file. But hey, isn’t three vids more than enough to keep you motivated every day? In conclusion, DD Girls wants you to have more than what you pay for, and they succeed in that mission.